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• Game: Valorant

• Date: Oct-Dec 2020

• Location: AOC will be hosting Online Qualifiers for All countries

• Participating countries: Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

• Broadcast channels: YouTube, Twitch, Facebook



Local Qualifier Timeline


Qualifier open

Play off

Local final

Hong Kong

Oct 23

Oct 31 - Nov 1

Nov 7-8


Oct 26 - Nov 3

Nov 5

Nov 7


Oct 23 - 24

Oct 31 - Nov 1


Oct 10

Nov 7-8

Oct 17

Oct 24

Oct 31


Oct 17- 18

Oct 24 - 25


Oct 20- 25

Oct 25


Oct 30

Oct 31

Nov 7




1.  All participants must read all parts of the Rules and Regulations/Terms and Conditions/Statement and Disclaimer/Indemnity.

2. Mineski Global (MET) has the right to contact the applicants to seek information regarding their application. MET will disseminate relevant information to all Participants by email and Discord. Please ensure that the registered email address/Discord ID are valid and checked regularly.

3.  The Organizer reserves the right to reject applications from participants who violate any of the Rules and Regulations/Terms & Conditions for all future esports tournaments organized by the Organizer.

4.  The results of the competition will be announced on the official event website.

5.  The team leader must join discord and follow up all instructions from the local referees. Please join discord here: [Discord link]




1 Player Eligibility

1.1 Player Age

To be eligible to participate in a Tournament as a player, an individual must be older than 18 years of age before the start of the Tournament, 18 years of age defined as having lived 18 full years.  If a player is under such age but older than 16 years of age (i.e. the player has lived for at least 16 calendar years) as of the Tournament start date, he or she may still enter the Tournament if he or she meets the other eligibility criteria in these Tournament Rules and the Registration Rules and a parent or legal guardian accepts these Tournament Rules and the Registration Rules on behalf of the player, and consents to the player’s participation in the Tournament, using a parental consent form provided by the Tournament Organizer. Tournament Organizer will receive parental consent form after the player advances to the quarter final.


1.2 Regional Requirement.

The top Teams from each Region will compete in the AOC Masters Tournament Finals. In order to maintain the regional identity of teams that compete in the AOC Masters Tournament and to encourage the type of regional identification that is important to fans and sponsors, each Team is required to maintain, at all times during the AOC Masters Tournament, no fewer than four players that are Residents (as defined below) of the Team’s home Region.


1.3 No Mineski (“MET”) or Tournament Organizer Employees

Team Members may not be employees of Mineski Global (“MET”) or Tournament Organizer or any of their respective affiliates at any point during the AOC Masters Tournament competitive season.


2 Game Rules

2.1 Game Version

The version of VALORANT used for Tournament Games will be determined by the Tournament Organizer.


2.2 Player Accounts

Valorant nickname must be in format Riot ID#Tagline. Any other format will be invalid. You are not allowed to share or use another person’s game account. Your account is for your use, and your use alone.


2.3 Punctuality

All matches in the AOC Masters Tournament should start as stated in the official communication or as soon as the previous match is over. Any changes in the starting time must be approved by the tournament administration. All participants should be ready for 60 minutes before the scheduled time for each match. In offline events, we expect every player to be at the tournament area as stated in the tournament directions info mails to set up, prepare and solve any technical problems that might occur. If you notice at any point you will be late for any match, please inform a tournament official as soon as possible!


2.4 Start of a Game

Once all players of each Team have arrived, two teams captains confirm all players are ready to begin the game. Once each Team Captain confirms readiness, Lobbies holders can start the game.


2.5 Participants Not Showing

If a participant is not ready to play until 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the match, it is considered a no show. In that case, the participant will be penalized and lose the match with the worst score possible.


2.6 Mappool

Ascent, Bind, Haven, Split


2.7 Character

Killjoy is not allowed to use in AOC Masters Tournament


2.8 In-Game Setup and Rules

2.8.1 General/Game Setup

Maps:  Bind, Haven, Split, Ascent

Team Size: 5 players

Roster Size: 6 players (5 Starters and up to 1 Substitute)

Server Setup:

Map: depending which map must be played from the mappool
Mode: Standard
Overtime: Win by two: On
Tournament Mode: On
Cheats: Off


2.9 Stoppage of Play or Remake the game

2.9.1 Remake

● If one of the teams will not pick all the agents in the character selection screen and the game goes back to the lobby, the game must be remade.

● In the case that the game started before writing ready from both sides, the team which did not write ready has the right to call a remake before round 1 of the game starts. (before the countdown in the game of round 1 reaches 0).

● If any of the players are not connected to the game before the counter reaches 0, the team can call a remake and the game must be remade.

● If the game started on the wrong map, the game must be remade.

● To do the remake, all the players must leave the match. Start the next game as soon as possible. Both team captains will have to write ready again. If the team is not ready by 5 minutes after the remake, the team which is not ready will be disqualified. Game can be remade only once, the game must be played in the way it started after the remake, even if the issues will occur. The situation can still be reported in Discord.

● If the team which is hosting the game does not remake. The Opposing team can report the situation to the Admins on Discord. The case will be reviewed and can result in disqualification of the team which did not do a remake.


2.9.2 Pauses

If a player disconnects during the game, the game must continue and will not be paused or remade. (If the game has the GLL observer and cheats are enabled, the game can be paused during the game, but a team must write before the countdown of the round reaches 0).


2.9.3 Live Streaming

To ensure fair play and the integrity of AOC Masters Tournament, all players are not allowed to open live streaming during the competing time.

3 Post-Game Process

3.1 Results

Once the match finishes, both team captains must take a screenshot of the results and post it in the Discord after each game.

On the game result screenshot, results above the scoreboard, all the players and information of the match on the right of the results must be visible.